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What People are Saying.

“The therapy and Ankita helped me realize what is important in my life, and to put my priorities in line. And helped me to face and work on my fears.” 

Andrea (Name Changed)

“I can not thank you enough for coming into my life and for bringing me the inner peace and healing i needed and longed for. All these sessions with you have done more than more for me than a year long therapy and for that I will be forever grateful. I can truly feel that I’m becoming the best version of myself thanks to your teachings, time, patience and confidence in me. I truly, deeply, madly wish you nothing but the best in the upcoming year – you are a wonderful person and so you deserve abundance in everything your heart desires. May you be loved the way you wish and have the best life imaginable.” 

Ahmed (Name Changed)

I thank God everyday for putting you in my way. I still remember the first day I came to you, grief and regret were killing me, I was thinking about death and lost taste of life. I am so grateful how you step by step help me get Inner peace, made me discover a past issues that I was ignoring and Helped me to manifest my real me. Thanks for helping me to make peace with my past, for cheering me up and showing me how to move forward. I thank you from my deep heart for your patience, flexibility and profesional work. I wish you all the best, may god bring you health wealth and happiness.

Nazneen Khan

My name is Nazneen Khan By profession I am Purser for reputed airline as well a professional Makeup Artist too. On my flight I was lucky to be flying with Ankita (then she was a cabin crew). On a layover I was telling her about my neck pain & wanted to go for a massage but, unfortunately it was all booked. Ankita offered me Hypnosis for Pain and relax me and I laughed it out saying “you will hypnotize me & take all my money.” Ankita did not get offended and explained me how hypnosis works. Although I did not believe her but agreed to give it a try. Ankita took me through the journey of hypnosis & not for a moment I felt in-secured or scared. After the session 75% of pain had miraculously gone… I always got pain when i was stressed or something was bothering me & it would deeply hurt & the pain would keep coming back whenever those thoughts came back. After the session I felt fresh, light as a feather & very relaxed which I never felt in the best massage places. By the time I went on flight my pain was completely gone. The feeling was amazing and till now no matter how hard I try to think about the event that gave me pain… those memories does not reassure. I never thought I would believe in this kind of cure but I have and will recommend hypnosis therapy to all. Ankita never forced me into it she simply guided me and the entire session was calming. She did not ask me any uncomfortable questions or secrets, her voice was calming and assuring. I have recommended several friends to her and would definitely recommend this therapy to all.

“I remember the first day I met you and I had no idea what hypnotherapy is. But still i decided to go meet you and tell everything i had in my mind. I remember i started to talk and couldn’t utter a single word and was crying for sometime. But you were so patient with me and gave me sometime to finish all my tears and tell everything i had in my mind. Thank you so much Ankita for showing me whats important in life and whats not. And how should i make my self happy while making others happy as well, and how to concern about my health, for giving me courage to face all da past problems, to overcome da trust issues and last but not least the most important to get inner peace in life and how to move forward.. i wouldn’t be able to achieve all these without you. I honestly felt so much better after the few sessions with you. Almost everyday i tell my friends how all these sessions went well and thank u immensely. Thank u once again for showing me to overcome with the past issues and letting me know how to move forward with love and happiness around. I Wish you all the best Ankita. May success and happiness be with you.”

Jane Doe (Name Changed)

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