How to Visualize what you want?

A visualization is a great tool you and I have to make our future come true. But, you don’t know how to visualize what you want? you don’t know the concept of visualization?
and find it hard to visualize?

In this post, you will read an easy way to visualize what you want. The good news it is easy and a short post.

Why is it said that the visualization process helps in achieving our goals? or Visualize what we want

As a hypnotherapist, I learnt an important lesson, and that is, Our subconscious mind CAN NOT differentiate between reality and imagination. Whatever we imagine our subconscious perceives it to be true and starts working towards achieving it. Sounds familiar? Are you connecting the dots already?

Have you ever found yourself dreading that you will not pass the driving test or an examination? Me too!!!!

This is because with that dreadful thought we communicate to our subconscious with the visualization of how awful it would be if we fail, what would people think, seeing people laugh, hearing the driving instructor say; “better luck next time”. And this happens so fast, the images are formed even faster and little do we know unfortunately we are actually living that dreadful dream.

Subconsciously we actually fed in all the right words that the subconscious understands and now it perceives it to be true and starts working towards what we imagined, thinking that this is what she/he wants. We are practically hypnotized by our own negative thoughts.

Visualize what you want.

So what can we do? I want to Visualize what I want. I find it hard to visualize?

Let me start by telling “me too”. While we are at visualization let’s also get this concept of visualization correct. Yes, it evidently says to visualize and form images but, when you close your eye you can’t see pictures at all, all you see is black or darkness. well again “me too” and there are many like us. Trust me most of my clients come with the same nervousness.

Well, good news, not necessary if we cannot see images that would mean our visualization process is incomplete. It only means that our first representational language is not visual.

Maybe you and I feel more than we visualize. And as far as imagination and visualization go as long as you use all your 5 senses strongly no matter in what order it is fine.

Here’s what you can do to visualise what you want.

If you are the one who feels more, like me, E.g. you feel like you get goosebumps easily, or certain thoughts would give you a heightened heartbeat then you start your visualization process with feeling first.

Ask your self “how will I feel when I pass my exams.” and let your body feel the excitement, that rush of success, that happiness. Then proceed by adding voices of your loved ones congratulating you, or the crowd is applauding you in your convocation.

Then add the smell of the fresh certificate or the smell of the crisp chart paper or a xerox paper, yes that one! and/or you can add the smell of the new perfume your parents gifted you for this day. Now notice how will that success tastes, is your mouth, too dry out of over-excitement as you waited all day for this time? or do you have a taste of champagne during the pre-celebration?

And now see yourself holding that certificate, see the clothes you are wearing and smell that same gifted perfume, feel those feelings of excitement and hear the crowd cheering you and the anchor calling out your name.

Adding other senses first, (Feel, smell, taste, hear, see) which probably are stronger than the visual in our case, would slowly build into the entire process of visualization. What we are doing is overlapping the visualization process and accessing our visual representational system which is subconscious.

5 senses for visualization

Visualization Technique Number 2:

The other way of visualization is asking one of your loved ones, the ones you trust completely, to take you through this entire process and remember to add all the 5 senses. Then all you have to do is relax your body sit in a semi-reclined or upright position and allow yourself to live the process. By doing this you have less work to do for yourself.

Third Tip for Visualizing what you want:

The last thing you can do is if you still find it difficult to visualize, get in touch with a hypnotherapist. A well trained Clinical Hypnotherapist will not only identify your representational system but is also well trained to take you through this process of imagination and add some customized positive suggestions for your benefit and well being.

Well, that’s it. As promised it is a short and quick easy to read the post. Make sure whenever you visualize what you want you to make the most of all your 5 senses and make it as real as you can. Keep the image alive for at least 7-10 minutes and do it every day. Take it as your daily vitamin. And in any case, if you have trouble visualizing feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to take you through this beautiful process.

Happy Visualization. Dream Big, Visualize even Bigger. The only limit that you can put is the limitation on your visualization. It's your imagination, go wild with it. Power is yours.
Your Mind Is Magic and you are the Magician- AMT