What is Hypnotherapy and How Does it Work

What is Hypnotherapy and How Does it Work

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that requires Hypnosis. The Hypnotherapist uses the tool of Hypnosis. The skilled Hypnotherapist takes you on a beautiful journey and asks you to use that part of the mind that speaks the language of imagination. Now, since the subconscious mind understands that one language so well if it is used accurately and mixed with right feelings and emotions the desired results can be achieved.

Why go to a Hypnotherapist?

A good hypnotherapist will use all the right language. All the positive words, statements, suggestions will be personalized as per the client’s ultimate needs and desire which will guide them to that altered state. One’s you are in that altered state of consciousness you become highly receptive. What it means is that there is least conscious interference from the Conscious Mind to accept any positive suggestions that are for your benefit and well being. 

Let’s take an example of a positive statement. If I were to tell you that “you will never smoke” or “you will never eat unhealthy again”. then that’s what your Subconscious mind will think as true and work towards that statement. Well, I am sure you will think that’s a fairly positive statement, but, in reality, it’s not. Our Subconscious mind does not do negation. Meaning it very conveniently deletes the words NOT, NEVER, SHOULDN’T, COULDN’T. So when you receive or say the suggestion to yourself your subconscious understands it as “You Will SMOKE” or “You WILL eat UNHEALTHY.” Does that explain a lot of your failed or unsuccessful attempts in trying to change or quit something?

Hence going to a skilled Hypnotherapist will help because together you will work on the goals that you want to achieve. And the skilled Hypnotherapist will keep in mind the language and if he/she has to use any of these negative words would exactly know how to and in which context.

What is Hypnotherapy good for?

Hypnotherapy is good for everything. People dealing with Anxiety, Stress, Depression (if and not taking any antidepressants), Lack of Confidence, Inferiority Complex, Nail Biting, Weight Management, Quit Smoking, Negative Thinking, Self Love, Rebuilding Trust, Pain Management, Managing Sleep and so many more that list is endless.

What are the kinds of Hypnotherapy?

In Hypnotherapy, there are many ways to deal with the A particular problem/symptom/issue. To list a few, depression, (only when the clients are not taking any kinds of antidepressants) Quit Smoking, Pain Management, Etc. then Suggestions Hypnotherapy (the one described above will be used). which works the best and depending on the individual issue the Hypnotherapist will adapt many other therapies with it to achieve success. 

The success rate for Suggestions Hypnotherapy is 30-60% similar to any medications that one would take.

In cases where clients report more than symptoms like Anxiety, Lack of Self Confidence, Lack of Trust, etc then the Hypnotherapist would use a Hypnoanalysis therapy called Free Association which was pioneered by the Father of Psychology Sigmund Freud. What it simply does is helps and guides the client to regress any suppressed or unwanted feelings and emotions that they have been holding up until then. When those memories and emotions come to a Conscious mind then it has a better understanding and insights to deal with and move on. This therapy may feel like it is going slow but to be honest, it works fabulously well with client’s and the effect is long-lasting. The success rate is as high as around 90-95%. 

Freudian Free Association takes a wider route, not just focusing on one symptom. It focuses on the client’s childhood or early years of development. It is best suited for clients presenting multiple psychological symptoms like anxiety, stress, panic attack or for clients suffering from cumulative traumas. 

The advantages of Free Association:

Wider areas of the client’s life are explored and hence the client gets to clear up any unfinished business. 

When a client comes presenting A particular problem like Fear or flying or any kind of Phobia then a similar approach is used and it is called Regression to Cause. Like the name suggests that the client will be helped and guided to regress to that initial event when the fear or phobia originated. And once the client has a better understanding of the cause of the fear/phobia then he/she also understands that it is unreasonable and chooses to let go of it. 

Regression To Cause seeks to follow a memory path to the first time the symptom or emotional response was experienced. This is the original or initial event. Regression to Cause Therapy works fantastic for clients who are suffering from “A” particular symptom like fear or phobias or any kind of physical illness that may have a psychological cause.

 In general, clients can function normally until one of the specific causes are triggered. (E.G. Fear of flying). When the client understands the cause was in the past and does not hold any value in the present all the negative emotions may be released. 

All the therapies mentioned above are Hypnotherapy. 

There are many other tools a Skilled Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist would use that would alleviate or facilitate change. Since the rewiring happens on the Subconscious Level the effects are better and long-lasting than any other talk therapies that work on the Conscious Level. 

Start with the basic find out what Hypnosis is? and what it does? Clear your myths and discuss if need be. Asking for help is the first step. You are not alone in this. Make peace of Mind your Priority. Don’t let anything or anyone demotivate you. Not even yourself. We all are unique and so are you. You don’t need any fixing you only need a bit of reprogramming. Always remember the resources are within you. 


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